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Create your own
Charitable Foundation

With minimal cost & hassle


Are you ready to start a foundation?

As an individual, a business owner or as a family you may wish to give to causes that are close to your heart and your own specific experiences in life.

At the same time, you wish to stay in control of your giving, leaving behind a legacy for future generations to build on. You can do this through GivingWorks, by creating your own charitable foundation.

Advantages of your unique Givingworks Charitable Foundation

At GivingWorks we provide a uniquely flexible ‘micro-trust’ account that allows you to set up your own philanthropic foundation in a streamlined and cost-effective way. It gives you the capabilities of a full-scale charity without having to take on the burden of cost or admin.

We take on the administration for your foundation including financial reconciliation of donations coming in and payments going out, monitoring and the reporting normally associated with running a charity, leaving you free to focus on the work of the foundation.

Claim Gift-Aid

As a registered charity GivingWorks claims 25% Gift Aid on any personal cash donations on your behalf to maximise your giving

Accept non-cash assets

Your micro-trust will also accept non-cash assets such as stocks and non-publicly traded private business assets

Tax relief eligible

Your donations to your micro-trust will be eligible for the tax deductions and reliefs commonly associated with charitable giving

Give together

You can include other family members, friends and business colleagues in raising donations


Full account control

You maintain full control over the flow of funds into and out of the foundation and access to your designated bank account

Fundraising platforms

You have the ability to fundraise on major platforms with the GivingWorks charity number

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You choose who to support

You can choose to support virtually any cause around the globe, from causes in your local community to international relief operations

Security for your foundation

The team review the recipients of each grant made from your foundation to ensure that they are legitimate beneficiaries

Expert financial advice

With advice from your financial adviser, the assets and cash deposited in your micro-trust can also be re-invested for tax-free growth

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Formalise charitable strategy

As a business your foundation can formalise your charitable giving, engaging employees in the process of building the fund

Enable corporate tax relief

By donating a portion of your yearly business profits to your foundation you can make full use of corporate tax relief

PR and branding

More than ever, consumers respond positively to companies that give back to the community. A foundation can increase trust in your brand

A simple five-step process

Start your journey today


At this early stage, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your charitable objectives, the size of the fund you wish to create and the amount of time you wish to have your foundation running for. We have experts on hand to help you answer these questions


Next, we require you to complete an application form setting out the strategy and goals of your foundation. Your account can be set-up to run as a short-term project or a lifelong commitment


The micro-trust is designed to make it easy for you to support your chosen causes. You can fundraise towards your micro-trust and involve others in building the fund


We’re here to help with whatever your foundation needs – this can be tax and legal advice, providing trustees and more. We can put you in touch with other micro-trust account holders who will share their experiences and knowledge


GivingWorks manages the charity administration and charity reporting obligations on your behalf. You will be kept fully up to date with comprehensive financial reporting on all donations and fund balance

What to do next

If you’re interested in GivingWorks and setting up your own charitable foundation, or to discuss any other questions you may have, please contact us.



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