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Our Story

Inspiring a New Generation of Philanthropists


Our Story

Inspiring a New Generation of Philanthropists


The Cause:

In setting up GivingWorks we wanted to create something that would inspire a new generation of philanthropists and empower them to give not just their money but also their entrepreneurial flair, their enthusiasm and their talents, both professional and natural born, to work for the wider benefit of society and for the welfare of others.


The Project:

So GivingWorks was established as a company limited by guarantee and registered charity, to engage individuals in philanthropy. We realised the power of our “micro-trust” innovation to offer a vehicle for individuals or groups of individuals to engage directly in philanthropy without needing to set up and register their own charity. We also realised its power as a tool for enabling budding philanthropists to learn how to do philanthropy in a relatively safe, low-risk environment, with access to all the help, support and professional assistance they might need in order to launch successful charitable ventures on their own.


The Results:

We are seeing increasing numbers of micro-trust based charitable foundations being set up through GivingWorks by individuals and companies, some of which have spawned exciting examples of innovation in giving and philanthropy. And we believe we are only at the beginning of our journey – we believe we will see many, many more examples of impactful giving achieved by GivingWorks’ clients as they seek to engage actively in philanthropy both here in the UK and overseas.


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