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ABC Foundation’s Story

Treating Children with Burns & Scalds


ABC Foundation Logo

ABC Foundation’s Story

Treating Children with Burns & Scalds


The background:

Prior to the official formation of the ‘Action for Burns and Children (ABC) Foundation’ in 2008, its founder, international executive search firm, ‘Cripps Sears & Partners’, had already had 20 years of experience in running fundraising and awareness campaigns for children suffering or at risk from burns and scalds. Today, they now have nearly 30 years of experience behind them and the establishment of a fantastic foundation, which has only enhanced their impact on the cause.

During the approximate 20 year period before the creation of the foundation, the staff of Cripps Sears & Partners found some creative methods for fundraising including golf days, concerts, direct corporate donations and the early formation of their, now most popular event, the Bike & Hike, ABC Challenge. In celebration of the companies 35th birthday however, Cripps Sears decided to formalise their fundraising efforts


What are they most proud of?

Since the foundation’s establishment, they have raised over £275,000. This has been through combined efforts of activities including the Bike and Hike, ABC Challenge. They’ve also developed a close relationship with England international rugby player, James Haskell, who is a huge supporter and advocate of the cause.

Money donated has gone towards two key aims: education in the prevention of burns and scalds, and medical help to children who are already suffering from injuries. In the period from 2015-2017 alone, they raised and donated nearly £100,000, which was able to fund the purchase of laser equipment in the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in South Africa. This new equipment now makes medical procedures quicker and less painful for patients.

How GivingWorks helped:

The ABC Foundation reached out to us for help in 2013. They needed someone to lift the pressure and strains of running a charitable foundation off their shoulders. In addition to handling their accounting and reports, we have also advised ways to keep their fundraising tactics evolving in order to maintain continued enthusiasm for their chosen causes year-on-year. We look forward to many more years in association with the ABC Foundation.


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