How it all works - step 2 Establishing

Setting up a GivingWorks micro-trust is very straightforward:

  • Complete and sign the GivingWorks micro-trust agreement including the Gift Aid declaration form.

  • Write your cheque or organise a bank transfer to the value you wish to put into your micro-trust.

  • GivingWorks will claim Gift Aid at the basic rate of tax on your behalf and add it to your fund. That means for every £1,000 you put into the trust a further £250 can be added through tax relief.

  • The GivingWorks charitable status umbrella allows you to claim Gift Aid even if your donations are going to overseas charities that would not normally be entitled to it.

  • If you are a higher rate tax payer you will be able to claim the difference between the basic rate of tax and your higher rate on all money placed in the micro-trust.

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