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Our story: inspiring a new generation of philanthropists

Is this You?

You may want to provide ongoing support for a cause. It may be a cause which you have initiated yourself. You may want to support a number of different causes. And you may want to support causes, whether inside or outside the UK, that cannot be supported via existing registered charities. When you reach any or indeed all of these points, it’s time to move your giving onto a better- organised, more structured basis.

How GivingWorks works

That’s where GivingWorks comes in. GivingWorks provides the umbrella support that effectively enables you to set up your own charitable foundation, with minimal cost and hassle. You can say what you want to happen to your money. And you’re always free to decide if you want to change the aims or direction of your Foundation, close it when it has run its course or leave it to run indefinitely into the future as part of your legacy.

A simple 5-step process

Creating & managing your own charitable foundation takes just five steps: